Sam Oesterreich

founder & graphic designer

S. Oesterreich posing on silver table top


Welcome to Oesfreelancing Graphic Design! The name is pronounced ‘ACEfreelancing.’ To some, it’s a bit of a mystery how to pronounce it. So now you know how to pronounce it. My mission is to help you save time as your personal graphic designer. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field, I am confident I can help you represent your brand or your client’s brand with the highest quality professional graphic design. My clients are very happy with the testimonials they have provided me.
I look forward to helping you with all of your graphic design needs. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions by contacting me via email or my contact form. 

“The Key Is not Spending time, but In Investing It.”
– Stephen R. Covey


Digital Graphics

I currently create digital graphics for my client in Florida and the two nonprofits I volunteer for. You can see many of these graphics on their social media sites and websites.

Website Design

I’ve created three websites besides my own. Each site was built on different platforms: WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix, and Mailchimp. Each platform has a ‘drag and drop’ feature built into it. This makes for ease of building a beautiful site that represents your business to your satisfaction.

Brand Recognition

I create brand recognition your customers will want to remember. This recognition can be specific color palettes, a specific geometric design, or using negative space to resemble your brand.

woman posing with man in marinecorps blues

Mike Oesterreich


This guy is my son, a Marine Corps vet. Every time I design something I always ask his opinion when he’s around. He is quick to give it to me. And he’s honest. Every now and then he’ll tell me how cool or awesome my work looks. So he’s also my cheerleader. He’s also honest to tell me what needs improving. I really value his insights and rely on his honest opinion of my work.

Every business needs more than one creative, intelligent mind to become a success. Kristen May was my partner in my marketing capstone at Franklin University in 2014. I always valued her input then and still do to this day. She’s smart, honest, and gets right to the point. I value her input greatly! Click on her picture to learn more about Kristen.




This is Pennyanne. She needs my attention the most when I’m sitting down working on design projects. She’ll get right in front of the laptop and walk on the keys. And sometimes she’ll lay right on the keyboard! So I have to stop for a few to give her some TLC. Don’t worry! I stop the clock when I have to do this! She’s a team player for sure.