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BCAI-CAH is Breaking Chains Advancing Increase Cultural Arts & Humanities, a non-profit organization located in Bloomington, Illinois. I’m proud to be a volunteer graphic designer for BCAI-CAH. I design social media graphics, assist in social media management, and attend events to help and show support.

Round 5 is coming up quick! For those new to SAE, this is a 3 week summer camp that, thru major collaborations and partnerships, exposes participants to as many different artforms as possible by OUR definition of Art: Anything that requires the imagination to get to the next level. This includes literally everything on the planet. So we get to explore trades such as drywall, goldsmithing, blacksmithing and furniture making as well as other artforms like ecology, astronomy, hydro-dipping and robotics.

The program is for 7-17 year old’s, with the 14-17 yr old’s in an intern position, where they get some staff privilege and responsibility while also gaining valuable workforce training and resume building.

Every year, we make it even bigger, more artforms, more collaborations, more locations, more excitement, more takeaways, more networking!!
This year, we are collab’ing more with our University family at both ISU and IWU in various departments [Creative Technologies, Astronomy, ESports, Theater, Glass Blowing, STEM, galleries, etc].
We are also taking advantage of our different partner pockets in town, such as Bremer Jewelry/Body of Blm Plaza, Downtown Blm, Uptown Normal.
Basically, we are GEEKED for this session!!!
The cost is $475/participant which covers EVERYTHING for the 3 weeks, including the trip to Chicago. The only thing we do not provide is their lunch. We provide snacks and supplies.
Scholarships, discounts and payment arrangements are available – just ask! We got you no matter what. No one should have to go without this program. 

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Below are some of the phenomenal activities BCAI offers, such as Breakin or break dancing,
Step Inn Performance, Summer Arts Exposure activities.

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