Travel Because COVID-19!!!

Because COVID-19!!!

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We're having fun!

It’s unfortunate and unbelievable what we as a nation are going through right now. I wish all of you to stay healthy and safe. We’re all in this together! I’m in Illinois and we are currently on ‘lock-down’ at our homes until April 30th. So, I have to figure out things to do to keep my sanity! I was to be in the Napa Valley region in California this week. But COVID-19 happened and Cali seems to be pretty much shut down! But that didn’t stop us ladies going on our tour. We just did it ‘virtually’ by means of Facebook video calling. It was a blast!! I made a little spread as if I was at an actual winery sipping on the goddess of drinks and enjoying a meat, cheese, and fruit platter. The two wineries we visited were the Robert Mondavi winery and the Dell Dotta Napa Valley (Historic, Estate, Plaza) winery. See video below.

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