Volunteer Work

I currently volunteer for three nonprofit organizations. They are BCAI-CAH, 48in48, and Foundation For Homeless & Poverty Management. This page is dedicated to nonprofits that provide a positive effect on people’s lives locally and globally. Click on their logo to visit their website to view their visions and missions. Feel free to reach out and provide any help you can for these nonprofits to go forward with their missions.


Breaking Chains Advancing Increase-Cultural Arts and Humanities (BCAI-CAH) is a nonprofit organization based out of Bloomington, Illinois. Their mission is inspiring action using innovative artistry to increase awareness of self, community, and culture.

My volunteer role is to provide the graphics for their social media sites as well as be the marketing manager. I’m also a member of the Board of Directors.

Visit BCAI-CAH at: bcaiarts.org

Follow BCAI Cultural Arts & Humanities


48in48 is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. 48in48’s mission is mobilizing marketing and technology volunteers to serve nonprofits worldwide by hosting events to build 48 FREE nonprofit websites in 48 hours.

My volunteer role is designing the event logos that are printed on t-shirts for the teams to wear as well as being displayed on various marketing pieces. I also volunteer on website build teams. I recently was a PM or project manager for a team of two at the Hybrid Global Event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit 48in48 at: 48in48.org

Foundation For Homeless & Poverty Management

The Foundation For Homeless & Poverty Management (FH&PM) is based in Bremerton, Washington. Its mission is to prevent generational poverty and homelessness, breaking the pattern for parents and their children.

My role is to design their new website that launched in late September of 2023. I also provide them with the analytics of how their website is doing each quarter.

Visit FH&PM at: homelesspovertymanagement.org

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