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Public Relations

This page will feature Oesfreelancing Graphic Design’s public involvement. There will be static pictures and links to videos. As a graphic designer and marketer, I feel it’s essential to stay in the public eye and be a part of our local community events as a supporter or volunteer. If you have any questions on who to contact to get your branding on TV or throughout the community, contact me via the contact form below. Your connection is right here at Oesfreelancing Graphic Design!
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As of June of 2022, I pulled the trigger to advertise on our local TV station, WCIA News Channel 3. I have a :04 station ID. Take a look and a listen by clicking the button below.


48in48 logo in black and blue

Being featured in the Volunteer Spotlight for 48in48 was an honor. You learn a little about why I love graphic design. You also learn a little personally about me. Take a read by clicking the button below.

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I’m proud to sponsor a local business in our community. This will be my first ever sponsorship for CU Comedy. CU is Champaign-Urbana, Ilinois. It’s an honor to be a sponsor. And it’s the last bash for my birthday.

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