Your website is crucial to the success of your business. I’ve had some experience in HTML coding. But these days, the modern way of building websites makes it so much easier for those who do not know HTML coding. Platforms like WordPress, GoDaddy, and WIX offer beautiful templates where you drag and drop information, and you’re all set. Building a website is time-consuming, but the end result is rewarding.

screenshot of foundation for homeless and poverty management website


Digital graphics are the best way to advertise your brand on social media. These graphics are colorful and include pertinent information about the class or service. I can create graphics of any size. Each customer has a different feel, look, and style for their brand. You will see these as you scroll through the carousel. Fonts are unique to one’s brand. The same is with colors and backgrounds.


Brand recognition is a custom logo, the perfect package design for your product, or a beautiful pamphlet or catalog showcasing your services.  I use the most modern Adobe software programs to create a multitude of branding. Adobe Illustrator is used to produce that perfect logo. I use Adobe Photoshop to enhance images. And Adobe InDesign is my go-to page layout program for that perfect presentation piece.

Digital Flipbooks

Digital flipbooks are a great interactive way for your clients to view your services. I’ve created quite a few booklets for customers in the past and turned a few of them into flipbooks. The entire book is not the actual flipbook, just a few pages to give you an idea of how they work. Click on each image to view the flipbooks in action.

green and gold cosmetic surgery book cover
Click to view flip book
book cover of wet nose therapy dog rescue book
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siam terrace menu cover
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Logo Design

Your logo is your company’s most important piece of your branding. It’s the most noticeable element to the success of your business. Think of the logos that you recognize the most and will most likely never forget: McDonalds, Nike, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc. Your company logo can be as simple as your name detailed in an elegant font. Or it can be a little more complex with multiple design elements and colors. Regardless of what you choose, it’s your brand, your logo that you want people to remember.

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