Thai Chicken Thighs and Noodles One-Pan Meal

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Thai Chicken Thighs and Noodles

📢 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Last night I made my first ever Thai dish! 🥢 I made a savory Thai chicken thighs and noodles one-skillet meal. I left the rice noodles 🍜 in the boiling water too long 🤪 so I had to be my best Wonder Woman 🦸‍♀️ and ‘save the meal!’💪 I resorted to 3️⃣ packs of ramen noodles w/out the seasoning packets! 😁 And finally, a delicious dinner was enjoyed by all! 🙌😋

Recipe courtesy of Café Delights at:

One-pot Meal
To make your mouth water with envy.

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